Grass Roots Sustainability & Design

ANKEN is committed to becoming a leader in environmentally friendly initiatives in Shanghai. We believe by retro-fitting / reusing existing buildings and implementing sensible design practices, we can contribute positively to our surrounding community and mold future business responsibly.

ANKEN promotes sustainability at a grass roots level, through design, management practices and community initiatives. Our philosophy is that everyone can make a positive contribution to our community and environment – no matter how small.

Our Sustainable Practices Include

  • Adaptive Re-use of an underutilized building
  • Green Roof (for Insulation)
  • Recycled Materials
  • Motion Sensor and/or Solar Lights
  • Fresh Air System with PM2.5 Filters
  • Energy Meters for Awareness
  • Low VOC Interior Paints
  • Automated Faucets
  • Shared Resources
  • Electric Hand Dryers for Paper Saving
  • Rainwater Collection for Toilet Flushing
  • Water Permeable Paving
  • Low Water Usage Toilets
  • Double Glazing
  • Urban Farming and Waste Composting
  • LED Lighting
  • Solar Panels
  • Radiant Floor Heating
  • Green Wall
  • Floor & Wall Insulation