ANKEN Green Office Building – Urban Farming

ANKEN Green is 6,222 sqm renovated mixed-use warehouse that lies adjacent to the Suzhou Creek. Design Inspired by its Bauhaus heritage and converted for the purpose of office and commercial use, ANKEN Green is committed to the implementation and promotion of energy efficient practices and environmentally sensitive design.

ANKEN Green is ideal for companies who share the same values; a love for restored warehouses and a sense of responsibility for our environment.


Shanghai Government Awards “Creative Industry Clustering Park” Title
2010 AustCham Westpac Australia China Business Awards (ACBA) Winner in the Sustainable Development & People’s Choice Categories
Shanghai Government Award 4 Star Creative & Cultural Clustering Park Shanghai Government Model Unit (Promotion of Intellectual Property)

Distinctive Features

  • Ample natural light and high ceilings
  • Reclaimed timber flooring throughout
  • Responsive building management
  • 24/7 access and security
  • Green roof with events space and urban farming
  • Additional meeting spaces available for use
  • Warehouse Cafe located on ground floor

ADDRESS 668 Huai An Rd, Jing An District, Shanghai 上海市静安区淮安路668号安垦绿色

Key green features of this property

  • Green Roof (insulation & amenity)
  • Rain Water Collection for toilet flushing
  • Energy Meters for Awareness
  • Motion Sensor and/or Solar Lights
  • Water Permeable Pavers